Saturday, December 20, 2008

Because I Have To

This post is to say that I beat Mark at Caylus for the first time (two player). Caylus is 0.5% luck (and only at the very beginning, when the initial tiles are placed). I think I'm getting better at strategy games. A couple of weeks ago I beat him at Stratego (two player) also a very non-luck game. Oh! And Quarto. That's another good strategy one. First I won, and then we tied (we played a couple of times because that game is really, really short). Anyway, this post is just to rub in the fact that I can be better than Mark at strategy games sometimes. (And I won't mention all of the games I lost between those ones because then I wouldn't look as cool.)


Kellie said...

That's awesome! Congrats :)

Lindsay said...

Go jess! :) I love it when I beat win games with Steven's the best! :)